Feel like things aren’t quite right? You aren’t the only one... Join a group of mates and get back on track


The Banksia Project’s free Growth Rooms program provides the opportunity for men across NSW and the ACT to meet once a month, share stories and learn practical skills to navigate through tough times. Like a gym for the mind, Growth Room trained facilitators receive health and lifestyle tips, designed by health professionals, to support men on factors such as effective communication, sleep and mindfulness. Together, these encourage prevention and maintenance of mental health through education, regular support, trust and mateship.

Located throughout urban and regional NSW and ACT, Growth Rooms are confidential, judgement-free and safe, and are focused on supporting one another through life’s challenges.

Upon receiving your application, we will do our best to allocate you a room which is most convenient for you. A representative from The Banksia Project will contact you as soon as possible.

You can Register as Participants at Canberra and Central West using the link in the menu above


After attending 3 times

I feel Happy
I am content with my life
I feel connected to others
I can cope with hard times
My quality of life is good


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