Run Your Own Fundraiser

Here’s your chance to give back to your community

The Banksia Project wants to empower you to create your own fundraiser and support the early prevention of mental illness.

Donations from the community will be used to create and sustain our free mental health services for men and the wider community, including our Growth and Garden Rooms.

Here are the steps to follow if you would like to get involved.

Step One: Select Your Event

Choose an activity or event that is ideal for your community of friends, family or colleagues.

Some ideas include:

  • Nature Walks (Beach, Forrest, Mountains, etc.)
  • Barbeques
  • Gift Alternatives
  • Local Business Ideas (Car Washing, Food Stall, etc.)
  • Movie and/or Trivia Nights
  • Local and Social Sporting Events (Surfing, Running, Swimming, Footy, etc.)
  • Physical Challenges or Events
  • Raffles

Step Two: Confirm Your Fundraiser with The Banksia Project

Complete the online form available on our website (include location of the form i.e. under DONATE NOW or elsewhere)

Your fundraiser will be reviewed by the team at The Banksia Project and we will do what we can to provide helpful resources and promotional materials to share with your community.

The team at The Banksia Project may provide tailored advice to help you maximise your fundraising potential.

Step Three: Create a Fundraising Group

Create a group for your fundraiser where participants can access further information and stay engaged with your event. A Facebook event or Messenger group may be perfect for family and friends, but a WhatsApp Group may be more appropriate for work colleagues.

To ensure all donations receive a Tax-Deductible Receipt, we recommend forwarding participants to our donation page with a message to identify the campaign:


Step Four: Promote Your Event

Share event information on your social media platforms and throughout your wider community. Let people know how to donate even if they are unable to attend the event or participate in the activity.

Creating a Fundraising Goal is a great way to encourage participants to donate. It also gives an additional reason to celebrate when the target is met.

The Banksia Project can support your event by promoting it on our Social Platforms and to our established community.

Step Five: Celebrate Your Success

Whether you have met your goal or not, the funds you have raised will benefit our community. Make sure you celebrate your efforts!

It’s a great idea for you to let all of your donors and wider supporters know the outcome of your event. The Banksia Project will be able to tell you just how many people you are positively helping, which you can then share with your community!

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