Multi-platinum performer and mental health advocate, Timomatic has collaborated with The Banksia Project to release his new single ‘Reflections’. The song symbolises hope and appreciating self-worth, a challenge for many Australians during the pandemic.

Written during COVID-19, Timomatic hopes it resonates and encourages all Australians to look after themselves and seek support if required.

“Reflections is a song about acknowledging times of doubt when we feel that we are “less than”. Positive self-talk has allowed me to make difficult but healthy decisions that have benefited me and the people around me,” said Timomatic.

As a supporter of The Banksia Project, Timomatic is a strong believer in the importance of early intervention and the prevention of mental illness.

“This year for many has been a harsh reminder of how quickly things in life can change. I think the only thing we can truly control is the way we choose to see things, the way we talk to ourselves.

“If you are struggling, make sure you seek help and speak to the people around you – start the conversation and don’t be afraid to exercise self-care on a regular basis.”

Reflections is available across all streaming platforms.

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